Lightweight development, the quick follow-up

Time for a quick follow-up on my post on “Lightweight development“. So far, it’s worked great. Some conclusions, in no particular order:

  • GitHub is great
  • BitBucket is awesome too. I use it for some of my closed-source projects at the moment.
  • Git-tooling for windows is ok, even more devs should give it a shot
  • TypeScript is the best thing to happen to javascript in a long time. Don’t “but it’s microsoft!”- me, fire up npm and install the node package!
  • I didn’t like AngularJS because it felt to restrictive and complicated.
  • KnockoutJS is still my favorite lib for client-side databinding

There are so many libraries and frameworks in the open source ecosystem. Don’t waste too much time finding “the perfect fit”. Just pick something that feels natural and helps you to get stuff done.