Book: The Agile Samurai

First post in the category ‘Recommended books’. More to follow soon!

The Agile Samurai: How Agile Masters Deliver Great Software

Verdict: This book is a great and fun to read overview of agile techniques.

Agile Samurai

  • It’s certainly not for project managers exclusively. Anyone involved with software development in any way benefits from reading this book.
  • Good eagle-eye overview of agile practices. Touches on a lot of topics without diving too deeply into the details
  • I made a lot of notes while reading:
    • General notes about the contents of the book
    • References to actual projects I was working on at that time (very applicable content!)
  • We used the book as an inspiration to improve our dev process at work
  • It’s a book from the ‘Pragmatic Bookshelf’, which is a great quality indicator in my opinion.
  • The book itself is very ‘agile’ and fun to read. Doesn’t get boring
  • Really, nothing bad to say about this book 🙂

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